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Dear Matt,

Thank you for your work with my son over this current year. I have been very impressed with your professional approach to tutoring and the way you and all of your tutors have connected with him. I have seen a tangible improvement in his writing skills and the overall quality of the work he hands in. I have recommended the services of your company to several friends, neighbours and clients and I am aware of at least three who have retained your services for their children. One thing I particularly like about your services is that you have tutors available for all subjects which my son is currently taking in Grade 10, and that they are knowledgeable about the Ontario curriculum and are prepared when they arrive at our house for a session.

After a recent visit from one of your French tutors on a Friday night, my son came through with a smile on his face and said “well that turned out to be really useful,” which for a teenager is a real compliment.

Loreen Irvine, LLB w/Distinction
Barrister & Solicitor, Notary Public
Irvine Law (www.irvinelaw.ca)
We are very happy and pleased with the results that Gemstone Learning has provided for our sons in their English writing skills in Grade 6 and Grade 10. We started to see the improvement a few months after they joined the program, and the results were reflected in the marks on their midterm report cards. Their grades in English went up from a B to an A, and from a B- to an A.

Matt is our boys' tutor, and he is great with kids. I wish there were more teachers like him in the public school system. He is well prepared to teach every time he comes in, and he makes the learning more interesting for the boys. He teaches them how to write better essays, and how to prepare for speeches, which was difficult for them to do prior to starting with the Gemstone Learning program.

Thank you Matt for all the help!
Both Élisée, the French tutor, and Bayan, the math and science tutor, knew the material very well. They were both always well prepared, understood the way Nico learned, and made it fun. His grades not only improved, they surpassed the class average. Thanks, Gemstone!Karen
Our daughter was struggling in Math and had lost her confidence. We found it challenging to help her since teaching styles and techniques have changed so much since we were in school. Gemstone Learning helped pair our daughter with a qualified tutor and improvements were seen almost immediately. We are extremely pleased with our tutor Shidan - he has a great way of approaching math from various perspectives until the material is absorbed. We recommend Gemstone to anyone who wants to improve their child's academic performance!Cindy